VectorCollection Class to allow binding to an AS3 Vector

I have added a Flex lib to RIAForge to allow one to use a Vector based collection of objects with Flex binding.

VectorCollection works in the same was as ArrayCollection, allowing one use it as the source for a dataProvider.

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  1. John Hall Says:

    Interesting and it begs the question “once you add the bindings, is the performance advantage of vectors nullified?”. Just curious.


  2. David Beale Says:


    I have not done any performance testing, but my expectation is there is still a performance gain over using an ArrayCollection, particularly for sorting and filtering operations.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Good work but please can you make also a benchmark to compare the performance vs ArrayCollection.

  4. Nikos Says:

    good work

  5. Tim Keating Says:

    This library is completely awesome! Thanks for creating it. I have one request: could you add the license information to the header of each file for the “official” download?

  6. David Beale Says:


    Thanks, I’ll make sure I do that.

  7. Matthew Says:

    I found binding to the length property didn’t work for me :

    Where *items* is the VectorCollection. However, switching it over to an ArrayCollection worked fine.

  8. Matthew Says:

    Apologies, the code was filtered out.

    s:Label text=”items count : {timelinePM.timelineVO.items.length}”

  9. David Beale Says:


    Hi, I’ve just tried a simple label bound to .length and calling .addItem() works fine.

    Can you give steps to recreate the issue?

    thanks, David

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